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Interviews about cannabis, hemp, psychedelics and All Things Green.

Host Lex Pelger sits down with experts, scientists, activists, policy-makers, underground herbalists, radical lawyers and others doing their part to make the world a greener place.

Sponsored by Bluebird Botanicals, this show will not be talking about the benefits of CBD but every other topic is up for discussion. Please send your ideas, comments and feedback to


Jun 7, 2018

Dr Avery Gilbert studies the sweet smells of weed, from earthy to fruity, diesel to cheese. He tells Lex about how he got his start studying the scent of animal urine, then moved on to more pleasant things like perfume and finally cannabis. He also talks about how this burgeoning industry could capitalize on one of marijuana's most memorable sensory experiences: Aroma.


from BlueBird Botanicals // Music from Brett Van Donsel // Birdsong from Lang Elliott